Waterproofing Materials

technical info:

  • consumption rate: 1 - 1.7 KG / M2 / Coat
  • unit: Kg
  • Packages: 20 kg Powder Sacks + 10 kg Liquid Container

MEGA ROOOF- CRETE is an elastic two component , product consists of acrylic resin in a liquid form and cement base , factory made , dry mix mortar designed for sealing surface against pressing water , weathering attack, hard atmospheric conditions with good elastic properties which helps in covering all surfaces cracks . Applied at an appropriate film thickness ( 2.5 mm minimum ) and complies with .DIN 4030

  • has a high sealing and waterproofing power even at a low film thickness which makes this product very cost effective
  • Has an excellent adhesive properties on all surface, smooth concrete , rough surfaces , dames , roofs ….etc..
  • Is used in combination with acrylic resin for more flexibility that produces (after drying) a tough elastic coat which ensures over bridging properties on cracks .