Waterproofing Materials

technical info:

  • consumption rate: 1 KG / M2 / Coat
  • unit: KG
  • Packages: 8 KG - 22 KG

MEGA PROOF SLURRY is a two component product consists of acrylic resin in a liquid form and cement base , factory made , dry mix mortar designed for sealing surface against pressing water , complies with German spec. Din 4030

  • has a high sealing and waterproofing power even at a low film thickness which makes this Product very cost effective.
  • Has excellent adhesive properties on almost any surface and resistant to aggressive water.
  • Has a higher penetration depth and binds salts which would otherwise be detrimental to building structure. In its cured state MEGA PROOF SLURRY is absolutely safe in physiological and ecological terms